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Dos and Don’ts for acne-prone skin

27th December 2021
"Between the countless cleansing products and home remedies out there, it can be hard to know what you should and shouldn't do to get rid of acne."

Dealing with acne can be tough! Between the countless cleansing products and home remedies out there, it can be hard to know what you should and shouldn't do to get rid of acne.

So here is a list of the dos and don'ts for living with acne and keeping it under control as best as possible:


DO Cleanse Gently

Wash your face with a mild cleanser with lukewarm water once or twice a day—especially after you work out or have been sweating as this is when oil emerges from the skin and potentially makes the problem worse. 

You need to be gentle, not scrubbing at your skin, and also for the blokes out there, be careful and ladies never go to bed in your makeup.

DO Use Sun Protection

It's essential to use sunscreen, but again putting cream on acne-riddled skin could make the problem worse, so do check with your GP about which sunscreens are less irritating.

If you are taking medication for your acne, you may also have been warned that this makes your skin even more susceptible to getting burnt.

Sadly, this means that you need to stay out of direct sunlight, but you could use a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sign off your face and neck.

DO Clean Your Cosmetic Brushes Regularly

Dirt and germs accumulate on makeup brushes. Remember to wash your cosmetic brushes routinely to remove these pore-clogging residues and germs.

Simply use lukewarm water and gentle soap to clean the bristles. If you prefer, use a commercial makeup brush cleaner once or twice a week for the best results.

DO Wash Your Sheets and Pillowcases Often

Dirty linens often lead to dirty skin. The bacteria and germs on your pillowcase and sheet may transfer to your skin, causing acne breakouts.

Be sure your bed linens are clean by washing them regularly.


DON’T Overdo Things

While it can be tempting to cleanse your face more than twice a day, you should take care that you are not washing or scrubbing as this can make things worse.

Also, do not squeeze spots; it is tempting, and everybody's done it occasionally, but actually, it can make things worse and cause infections and leave scars.

DON'T Stress

Excessive physical and emotional stress is not good for your health, and it may aggravate your condition.

Stress can destroy skin cells, and this may lead to oily skin which results in an acne breakout.

Stress-related hormones may also cause your skin to become inflamed.

DON'T Try a New Acne Product Every Week

In your effort to combat your acne, you may become impatient with your current medication or treatments.

However, you need to allow the treatment sometime to work.

Some acne medications and products may take up to a few months before significant results kick in.

If you keep switching your treatments and medications, your skin may become overly sensitive and irritated. Stick with your medication for several weeks.

DON'T Neglect to Clean Your Skin after Exercising

If you have been perspiring, your skin will absorb the sweat and impurities, which may lead to an acne breakout.

After a workout or any type of activity that has made you perspire, give your skin a thorough cleansing. Remember to be gentle and do not scrub.

DON'T Go to Bed without Removing Your Makeup

When you're tired after a long, hard day, you might neglect to remove your makeup before jumping into bed.

However, for acne-prone skin, this is a harmful mistake.

Makeup residue may prevent your skin from renewing itself, and impurities may lead to breakouts or worsen your condition.

Use a gentle makeup remover before bedtime.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Different types of food that can cause acne

10th February 2021
"Avoid these foods to avoid acne breakouts."

Acne is one of the major problems among teens and youths. Researches have shown that about 10% of the whole population suffers from acne problems. Acne breakouts not only make you look dull, sick, but they also are really painful. 

Many factors contribute to the development of acne, including sebum and keratin production, acne-causing bacteria, hormones, blocked pores, and inflammation. One of the major factors that contribute to the development of acne is your food habits. Here we have put together some of the foods that cause acne.

Refined grains and sugars

Sugars, which we consume as refined white sugar in our homes and other forms like sodas, tetra pack juices, honey, etc. are rich in refined carbs. Also, refined grains are rich in carbohydrates. These get absorbed fast into the bloodstream, raising your sugar levels. The increase in insulin levels also pushes the excess sugar into your cells, which in turn causes acne.

Dairy products

A study conducted on teenagers showed that consumption of low fat and skimmed milk led to an increase in acne. However, the relation between milk and acne is not clear yet. If you notice acne post milk consumption, it is best to avoid dairy.

Fast food

A lot of teenagers consume fast food, and many researchers and researchers have proved that fast food can lead to several skin problems, acne breakouts being one of them. However, the basic cause of acne breakouts due to fast food is unknown.


It was proven that those who consumed 100% unsweetened cocoa did cause a significant increase in acne. The study concludes that eating chocolate (which usually contains milk - a dairy product and sugar) makes the immune system react strongly to acne-causing bacteria.

Greasy food

Fried foods or items like bacon and burgers that have a lot of greases, also have extra fat in the meat. The excess oil and fat can lead to an outbreak of pimples.

Whey protein powder

Whey protein is a rich source of proteins and amino acids like leucine and glutamine. This powder is usually consumed by male athletes and bodybuilders. However, consumption of whey protein makes the skin’s cells grow and multiply faster, besides rising insulin levels, which can also be a cause for acne.

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Compiled by : Prativa Parajuli Prativa Parajuli

How to get rid of back and body acne

12th December 2021
"Bacne happens in part because acne can happen anywhere on your body where sweat glands are present. Luckily bacne is very treatable and very preventable."

The first thing to know about how to get rid of back acne is that it's not like the pimple you get on your face. Bacne happens in part because acne can happen anywhere on your body where sweat glands are present.

Luckily bacne is very treatable and very preventable. Here are some tips on how to get rid of back acne:

Shower after a workout

Letting the sweat and dirt sit on your skin after a workout can be a big contributor to back acne.

Shower as soon as you can after a workout. You should also wash those sweaty workout clothes between sweat sessions.


Use gentle exfoliating scrubs with ingredients such as salicylic acid to remove extra dirt and oils from your skin.

This can help reduce the amount of dead skin that could clog pores.

Wear loose-fitting clothing

Your workout habits can irritate back acne. For example, tight clothing can trap dirt and sweat and rub it into your pores.

Working out with no shirt against a sweaty gym machine or on a dirty floor can also cause problems.

Go for loose-fitting clothing that lets your skin breathe and helps wick away sweat.

Try tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is made from the leaves of a tree. It’s been used to treat a variety of skin issues.

Today, you can find many lotions, cleansers, and creams using the ingredient.

There is some evidence to suggest it might help in treating acne by killing extra bacteria.

Keep hair off your back

Long hair may be adding oil and dirt to the skin on your back, causing acne outbreaks.

Wash your hair regularly, and put it in a bun or ponytail during sweat sessions.

Also, don’t allow conditioner or shampoo to run down your back. Ingredients in these products can contribute to clogged pores.

Choose sunscreen carefully

Protecting your skin from damaging the sun is important, especially if you’re exposing your bareback.

But greasy sunscreen can also contribute to clogging pores.

Make sure to choose oil-free products and light on the skin.

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