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Living room Upgrading Ideas | Tips |

20th December 2021
"Is your living room feeling tired with the same old designs and organization?"

Is your living room feeling tired with the same old designs and organization?

There are plenty of simple ways to liven up a living room scheme. Here are some tips that might help you:

Rearrange the furniture


The easiest, cheapest, and sometimes most effective way to revamp a living room is rearranging the furniture.

Moreover, if space is limited you may only be able to move smaller furniture pieces, but even moving furniture away from the walls can be transformative.

In actual fact, your room will feel far more spacious and pulled together if you pull sofas and larger items of furniture slightly away from the walls.

Hang mirrors

Hanging mirror

Instead of filling a wall with pictures, you can use mirrors.

The mirrors help bounce light around the room, enhancing the sense of space which is also very beneficial to the small room.

Moreover, you can always choose three or four designs in different sized complimentary shapes that will be more effective.

Be bold with color

Bold color

The best way to transform your living room is by painting a feature wall in a bold paint shade to command attention.

Also, keep floors and furniture choices neutral to let the color show its magic!

Add lighting

If it’s instant glamour that you’re looking for, invest in one piece that will transform the room i.e. good lighting.

Consider fitting statement lighting, such as an oversized chandelier or an on-trend pendant on your living room as it becomes the central focus of the room which goes a long way to lift the rest of the decor.

Also, Choose lighting that can be attached to the walls or hung from above to save room on floor space if your room is small.

Display art on shelves

Art shelves

Displaying art on the walls and shelves can change the look of your living room.

For an easy-to-change room feature, try displaying framed pictures on shelves for a stylish living room.

Use house plants:

House plant

Plants have the power to add a touch of lush green to perk up the color scheme, but also welcome healing powers.

You can always add some nature to maintain the environment of your room.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Essential things for modern and minimalist living room: Decor ideas

16th December 2020
"Build a neutral-colored themed living room for that modern and minimalistic look."

The living room is the main room from your entrance that has the first impression of who you are and your lifestyle on the people who visit you. Besides, you spend most of your time in the living room; so, it must be comfortable while looking good. Nowadays, modern and minimalistic designs are gaining popularity. People are loving how their living rooms are minimalistic and give a positive vibe at the same time. Such living rooms are enticing the more you look at them. 


Here we have put together a few things that are crucial for a modern and classy yet minimalistic living room

Sofa set


A modern living room needs a modern and comfy sofa set. So, you can go with either a mid-century modern sofa, or a lawson, or a low-seated sofa that gives your living room a modern touch. And as you're going for a modern look rather than traditional, try to keep the sofa set and covers in neutral colors

Coffee table


Your living room also needs a touch of transparency and glass. So, having a coffee table made up of glass can be the best option to have a classy and crisp look. 



You can place a vase in the corner of your living room as a decor touch-up. And try to keep it untouched- don't put in flowers and if you do, go with white flowers like white orchid, white rose, or something like that. Just keep it minimalistic. 

Indoor plant


An indoor plant can totally bring change in the room decor and vibrance of the room. You can either hang the pothos or place some cute cactus and jade plants on your coffee table or you can place a ZZ plant over your furniture as well. Just place a few plants in your living room with neutral-colored pots to give your modern room a natural touch-up. 


Paintings and wall art can add a big statement in a living room. It won't take any of your surface space and bring an aesthetic vibe to your room. Choose a painting that complements your room theme or contrasts your room theme. 



A living room without a chandelier won't be complete. As for the modern themed living room, you can go with a small crystal chandelier, or glass chandelier, or a caged chandelier. Try to keep the size of the chandelier as small as possible; so that, it won't grasp all the attention in your living room.

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Compiled by : Kusum Parajuli Kusum Parajuli

Must have safety rules at home

16th December 2021
"We all want to feel safe in our homes as well as protect our loved ones who visit. So here are some major safety rules you should look at to ensure the health and safety of your family is secure"

We all want to feel safe in our homes as well as protect our loved ones who visit. It is critical to take time to implement safety measures at your home. Various aspects need to be looked into to ensure that home is a safe place for all the members.

Here are some major safety rules you should look at to ensure the health and safety of your family is secure:

Always Keep the Doors Locked

Even though one may be living in a safe neighborhood, it is always advisable to have the locks on.

This not only minimizes cases of theft but also ensures children do not go out without supervision.

Home is meant to be a place where there is peace and tranquility and you do not want anyone to come in and out as they wish.

Keep Medicine in Safe Cabinets

Medicine is something that needs to be handled with care at home. Safety rules at home on the storage of medicine should not be ignored by anyone.

Not only is the medicine risky to kids but also some adults. People have various problems and some of these such as psychological results in a person being suicidal.

Therefore, in a family with a suicidal person, it is always good to ensure that all items they may use to harm themselves are out of reach.

Keep the Floor Dry at All Times

Accidents caused by a wet floor can lead to severe health effects of a person such as spinal injuries.

At home, everyone should be taught the importance of being responsible to ensure that safety is maintained.

Spillages are common in the home and may not be preventable. Having rules on how to manage the spillage is what is important.

Ensuring that everyone understands the dangers of a wet floor is necessary at any home.

Turn On Security Lights at Night

This particular safety rule at home is aimed at protecting the family against potential intrusion.

Usually, intruders are motivated to break into your house when it is dark. Lights deter criminals as the possibility of being seen is high.

You may not be always around as the sun sets to ensure that the lights are turned on.

However, having a rule that the lights must be turned on at a specific time will leave you at peace knowing that things run smoothly despite your absence.

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