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Tips to take care and maintain your projector

15th March 2022
"Projectors are both costly and delicate. Only by taking proper care of them will you be able to extend their lives and ensure that they perform at their best. "

Projectors are both costly and delicate. Only by taking proper care of them will you be able to extend their lives and ensure that they perform at their best. 

Maintaining all of the various parts of your projector, particularly the lens, regularly can also ensure that it produces the highest image quality.

Keep it cool

Always use your projector in a well-ventilated, well-air-flowing environment, preferably an air-conditioned one. 

It should not be used on heat-absorbing textiles or beds since it can cause overheating. 

Use the projector away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. 

Clean the fans regularly to improve the cooling performance of the projector because dirt and other particles can quickly clog them.

These particles can obstruct the fan's ability to perform properly.

Check the Warranty

There are varying warranties for different projectors

There are long-lasting DLP or LCoS projectors, for example, with long-lasting LED lights that can be burned out. 

There are other projectors with non-burning halogen lamps that may be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Warranties impose restrictions on how you can use your projector.

Watch the on/off switch

Don't be too quick to pull the trigger. Turning your projector on and off frequently causes a power spike, which causes it to wear out faster. 

If you must leave your projector running, give it a two-hour break every 24 hours. 

Such acts may cause a power spike, which may wear down the equipment and cause its internal circuits to malfunction.

Clean it

You must always keep your projector clean, particularly the lens, to receive the best image possible. 

You must use a lens cloth, which may also be used to clean your eyeglasses because it is static-free and will not leave a lint on the lens

When handling the projector and its other components, make sure your hands are clean. You can learn more about this by watching a YouTube video.

Read up the manual

It is important to read your projector's instructions

Your projector's handbook will tell you everything you need to know about it, as well as how to care for and maintain it. 

The projector's dos and don'ts are detailed in the manual. 

It's also useful when you need to diagnose a projector problem or aren't sure how to maintain a specific projector model.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

LCD or LED or DLP projector? Which one suits you the best? | REVIEWS

9th December 2020
"LCD or LED or DLP projector? Which one? Let's find out!"

With growing technology, there are vast options for everything nowadays. usually, people get confused about LCD, LED, and DLP projector. This article will help you to find the difference between them and help you choose the proper projector for you.

DLP(digital light processing projector)


DLP is one of the oldest technology for building a projector. The DLP projector uses a DLP chip that consists of millions of microscopic

mirrors for video projection, each of which is capable of independent adjustment and towing.

The produced images, however, are in black and white at this point. A beam of light is fed to the chip to make up for the lack of color. Before it hits the chip to add a color layer, this beam passes through a spinning color wheel.

They are effectively immune to color decay and are not affected by the misalignments that can occur in LCD projectors. DLP projectors have a few advantages over the competition. DLP projectors are also filter-free and have a sealed chip design, meaning that dust can not settle on the chip and trigger an image spot. DLP projectors are not readily compatible with zoom lenses or lens shift functions, which implies that they are best suited to smaller environments.


LCD(Liquid Crystal Display Projectors)


The same liquid crystal display technology that can be found in electronic watches is used in LCD projectors. Using a multistep procedure, an LCD projector generates images; first, a light source creates white light, which is then passed on to dichroic mirrors. The mirrors display the colors that add light, and then the light beam is fed to an LCD screen. The LCD interprets the light at that point and projections the corresponding picture onto the screen.

A more robust and efficient alternative to conventional DLP projectors is provided by LCD projectors. An increased repair expense, however, comes with this upgrade, as pixels can flame out and dust particles can mess with image clarity, some of the risks of LCD projectors.


LED(Light-emitting Diode Projectors)


As they are not characterized by the hardware used but by the form of lighting used, LED projectors are a distinct ball game. For their building, LED projectors can use either LCD or DLP technologies. However, where they vary, the conventional projector lights, rated from 1,000 hours to 5,000 hours, are replaced by a more powerful and environmentally friendly LED light source with up to 20,000-hour ratings.

Although the LED projector can cost anywhere from dirt-cheap to extremely costly, it does a better job of minimizing the cost of repair as the light source is intended to last the projector's whole life without ever having to be replaced.

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