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Ways to protect your phone while traveling

11th February 2022
"When traveling abroad or any place, smartphones can be stolen, lost, hacked, or damaged in a variety of ways."

When traveling abroad or any place, smartphones can be stolen, lost, hacked, or damaged in a variety of ways. Anything from flights to cruises raises the possibility of a broken device while on vacation or business.

Here are some tips for keeping your smartphone safe while traveling:

Turn on password or biometric protection

This is your first line of defense against stolen phones, and it should not be overlooked.

As much as possible, use a combination of letters, numbers, and acronyms.

Biometric protection, such as the use of fingerprint scanners or iris scanners, adds an extra layer of security.

It's mobile security for dummies, but given that one-third of smartphone users don't password-protect their device, it's also a cautionary reminder.

Keep your software updated

Check that your phone's software is up to date.

Security patches are typically included with new versions of operating systems and applications.

As a result, if you're using outdated software or apps, you may be vulnerable to known bugs.

While you're at it, get rid of any old apps you're not using. Apps frequently track your location and collect information about you.

Also, unused apps are more likely to be out-of-date, so simply delete them.

Beware of public Wi-Fi hotspots

When traveling abroad, using Wi-Fi rather than a cellular connection can help you save money on data roaming charges.

Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is less secure than cellular, especially if the network is not password protected.

Hackers may intercept communications and steal your passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information.

Check on your smartphone before leaving anywhere

When you're visiting a new town, you might visit several restaurants, museums, attractions, and bars in one night.

Because of your likely lack of familiarity with the area, it is easy to forget all of the places you visited on a given day using your smartphone.

Before moving on to the next location, make sure you and your friends have everything.

By taking these extra precautions, you can ensure that you always have access to your device.

Turn off location tracking

While enabling the location features gives you access to more information, keep in mind that this collection of location information can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

It's similar to leaving a breadcrumb trail. If you're not using it, turn it off and check to see if your social media settings are also displaying this information.

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5 tips everyone forgets to follow on their mobile phone

8th December 2021
"Smartphones have become very important in our everyday affairs. Due to our obsession with our phones, there are a whole lot of important rules we forget to follow."

Smartphones have become very important in our everyday affairs. They have become very important that we cannot do anything without them. Due to our obsession with our phones, there are a whole lot of important rules we forget to follow.

So here are some tips everyone should know about their mobile phone:

Update your software:

Whenever an update is released for your device, download and installs it right away.

These updates often include security fixes, vulnerability patches, making your mobile phone work fast, and other necessary maintenance as well.

Lock your device with a passcode

Without this kind of security in effect, anyone who picks up your phone can access your apps and the data held within.

Set a passcode that only you know and it’s hard for others to get.

For those devices that allow it, you can also set a “touch ID” that opens the phone in response to your fingerprint or set a “face ID” that unlocks a phone when the front-facing camera recognizes you.

Avoid suspicious links

Clicking on a phishing link or opening an attachment in one of these messages may install malware, like viruses, spyware, or ransomware, on your device.

This is all done behind the scenes, so it is undetectable to the average user. False email, text, and message accounts pretending to be a person or entity you know is a common cybercriminal trick.

Use unique passwords for all your apps

The point of having a password is to prevent any unauthorized access to your online accounts.

With passwords that are unique to each account, you're even safer. Case in point: a hacker or thief gaining access to one account won't necessarily lead to your other accounts getting compromised.

Use a VPN on public Wi-Fi networks

VPNs are important because internet connections can be eavesdropped on easily by malicious cybercriminals.

Whether you are using wireless or wired connections, your data might be visible to others that can access the network.

So, if you must use open Wi-Fi in a situation like this, get a VPN app for your mobile device.

It makes you anonymous online, so you can use open Wi-Fi safely hidden from the eyes of lurking cybercriminals.

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Get Rid of Mobile Addiction | Tips |

7th January 2022
"Addiction to smartphones is a serious issue!"

Addiction to smartphones is a serious issue! We check our mobile phones incessantly when conversing, working, walking, and driving, even though we know we shouldn't.

We just can't help ourselves! So, here are some ideas to assist you to break free from your phone addiction:

Don’t use your phone in bed

Making your bed a phone-free zone is the first step in breaking your smartphone addiction.

Don't let your phone be the last thing you see before going to bed and the first thing you check in the morning.

If you use a conventional alarm clock and charge your phone out of reach you will not be waking up with loads of messages and notifications.

Moreover, blue light disrupts your sleep hormones.

Delete unnecessary apps

In any case, the majority of the apps on your phone are probably simply cluttered.

Keep the applications you want to encourage yourself to use front and center, such as those for reading or learning a new language, but move anything you want to restrict your time with to folders on your second page of apps (or if you have an Android phone, off the screen entirely).

Consider how much more productive you'd be if you weren't constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Keep yourself on a schedule

The first thing you can do is set alerts that define how frequently you may check your phone. Begin with every 15 minutes, then every half hour, every 45 minutes, and finally every hour.

When your alarm goes off, take one minute to look through all alerts and then reset the timer.

Have a phone-free day once a week

Do something out of the ordinary once a week, such as leaving your phone at home. For a whole day (or even half a day if you're just starting out).

Step outdoors! Then return later on to catch up on all of the emails and texts you missed.

Turn off notifications

Notification is the major reason we open our mobile every now and then. There's no reason to check your phone if you don't have any notifications.

Turning off push notifications for as many applications as possible is an extremely simple technique to reduce distractions.

To change your notification settings, go to Settings > Notifications.

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