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Things To Do When Your Mobile Data Is Not Working

9th February 2022
"While mobile networks have been increasingly reliable over the years, it can be frustrating when yours fails."

Almost everything we do on our cellphones today, it could be said, requires an online connection. And, while mobile networks have been increasingly reliable over the years, it can be frustrating when yours fails.

What can you do if your mobile data is turned on but not working? Check out techniques for resuming your lost mobile connection.

On/off Airplane mode

When you have mobile data but no internet connection, sometimes all you need to do is switch Airplane mode on and off. This will disconnect your phone from the mobile network and may also solve the problem.

The setting for Airplane mode is usually found in the Quick Settings section of most Android handsets. Otherwise, navigate to Settings Network & Internet Airplane mode to accomplish the same thing.

Simply activate Airplane mode for a minute, then deactivate it. Check to see if your mobile data is working now, or proceed to the next solution.

Restart your device

Aside from turning on/off Airplane mode, rebooting mobile devices has proven a one-click fix for a variety of issues.

"My mobile data is on but not working," which can be fixed by rebooting your phone, could be caused by a minor system fault or an issue from your cell operator.

Right network mode

Using the incorrect mobile network mode can impede your online experience. Or, at worst, degrade the internet speed and persuade you that my mobile data is turned on but not working.

Most smartphones include a 4G mobile network, while some newer models include 5G networks. The faster your internet connection, the better the network type. However, if you choose the incorrect one, you may have trouble connecting to the internet.

APN settings

The gateway that connects your mobile network to the internet is known as the Access Point Name (APN). You won't be able to connect to the internet via mobile data unless you have it, even if your SIM card is filled with a data subscription.

When you place a new SIM card into your phone, your carrier will normally offer it. However, when the APN is changed manually or after a system upgrades, things can go wrong.

The simplest solution to handle "my mobile data is turned on but not working" is to reset the APNs.

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Mobile phone safety tips for children

17th January 2022
"Mobile phones provide security and contact for your child but it is important to teach your child about phone safety."

Mobile phones provide security and contact for your child but it is important to teach your child about phone safety. But giving your child a mobile phone isn't without its risks.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can safeguard your children, and monitor their mobile use:

Teach Responsibility

Make sure your child understands a cell phone is not a toy. Explain the fees associated with text messages, data use, games, apps, and sharing photos.

It's a good opportunity to learn a lesson about budgeting. If his phone has extra features, set limits.

Know what cyberbullying looks like

Unfortunately, cyberbullying remains a substantial problem.

Your child should know what constitutes cyberbullying and what the consequences are, both for the perpetrator and the victim.

Teach your child against engaging in bullying behavior on their phone, and make sure they know that they should come straight to you if they observe cyberbullying, whether they are the victim or someone else is.

Don't share private information

It's amazing how easily content and information can be shared and spread using cell phones.

To prevent your child from falling victim to this phenomenon, teach them not to send personal information using their phone or to use their device to post it on social media if their phone is Internet-capable.

Your child should also not share their cell phone number with those they don't know well.

Your child should know not to say or share anything inappropriate using their phone, especially anything rude or sexual in nature.

Keep it safe

Your child should know not only how to keep themself safe, but how to keep their phone safe.

After all, their phones are useless to help them stay safe if they are broken or stolen.

Give your child a protective case for their phone to prevent damage, and instruct them only to use their phone discreetly and only to have it out when they are using it so that it is less likely to be lost or stolen.

Follow the rules

Be sure that your rules and expectations for cell phone use are clear to your child.

This way, they will know exactly what they are supposed to do to stay safe and can be held accountable if they fail to take those steps.

Consider establishing punishments for failing to follow the rules, such as taking your child's phone for a few days.

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Ways to Fix Mobile Network Error on Phones

1st February 2022
"There's no need to fear if your phone's mobile network is down. The problem is fairly common, and it comes our way frequently."

There's no need to fear if your phone's mobile network is down. The problem is fairly common, and it comes our way frequently.

Instead, try some of the tried-and-true solutions we've outlined below:

Restart Your Device

The "Mobile network not accessible" problem is usually resolved by simply restarting your device. Restarting your phone helps it preserve memory and fix crashes, making most functions run more smoothly.

All background apps and memory leaks that may be causing the network problem can be eliminated simply by restarting the device.

Check Network Settings

In this scenario, a faulty network setup is also to blame. As a result, you should double-check network modes and operators to ensure that the correct settings are selected.

Go to 'Settings' and then 'Advanced'. Select 'Wireless and Network' from the drop-down menu. Choose a mobile network (s). Select Network Operator Automatically by tapping on it.

Remove SIM Card and Put it Back

Remove the SIM cards and correctly reinstall them. Check to see if the problem has been solved. If the issue persists, try putting your SIM on a different phone.

This will allow you to determine whether the problem is with the phone or the SIM card.

Update the phone system to fix software bugs

Most of us avoid system updates because we believe they are either unneeded or a waste of data. System upgrades, on the other hand, can assist repair a variety of software issues as well as provide new capabilities to the phone.

At this stage, updating your phone system may be sufficient to resolve your mobile network problem. To check for and install any pending updates, navigate to Settings > System > System Update.

Make sure Airplane mode is turned off

Keep Airplane mode turned off when trying to fix your mobile network anomaly because it will turn off all connections, including your mobile network.

If this option is enabled, the signal bars will be replaced with an airplane icon.

Reset network settings

After running a system update or modifying your device's settings, your mobile network selections may change. To get back to the original settings, you'll need to reset network options. Here's how you can do it.

Go to the Settings menu on your phone. Scroll down and select System, then press on Reset settings. Select Reset mobile network (or Reset WiFi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth) and then the SIM card that is impacted.

Finally, press the Reset Settings button. Your APN (Access Point Name) and other relevant parameters should be reset as a result of this. Check your cell network once more to see whether it works.

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