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Ways to Fix a Cellphone Speaker

18th January 2022
"While the phone speakers in the current smartphones are meant to be durable, they may not always withstand external factors like dust and liquid."

While the phone speakers in the current smartphones are meant to be durable, they may not always withstand external factors like dust and liquid If you're having problems with your speakers, you don't have to schedule an appointment at a repair facility just yet.

Here are a few troubleshooting procedures and remedies you may take to get your phone's speaker working again.

Restart your phone

There might be a tiny defect (similar to the phone hanging), and restarting your phone is an easy approach to resolve the issue.

Rebooting the device will very certainly restore the speaker's original sound of its minor case.

Check the sound

There are instances when there is no problem but people believe there is. Quite often, the speaker does not operate because the volume is set to zero.

That is, the speaker is operational, but the sound is too low to be heard.

Turn raise the volume and everything should smooth out on its own.

Go through Speaker Settings

Check your phone's settings to see whether the speaker settings have tampered with voice settings.

The phone's voice settings may have been adjusted incorrectly, resulting in an extremely low default volume.

In this case, pump up the volume and give it a shot.

Clean the speaker

If an external dust or dirt particle has entered the speaker and is obstructing it, it must be cleaned.

It is not, however, recommended that you attempt to clean the speaker on your own without previous knowledge. Inserting a moist cloth, for example, might be risky.

It is preferable to get it cleaned by a professional.

Also, chances are, the liquid insertion is the cause of the phone speaker not working. In such as case, dry your phone properly.

Application Glitch

This problem has happened several times as a result of downloading an improper program.

Whether you experience the same thing, try deleting the freshly installed programs one at a time and seeing if it helps.

Running your phone in Safe Mode is another technique to determine whether the problem is app or software-related.

If the speaker works well in Safe Mode, it is likely that an app or program is to blame.

You may remove them by removing them manually or doing a full Factory Reset. From the latter situation, remember to make a backup of your crucial files.

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Cell Phone Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

12th January 2022
"We need to use our cellphones safely and smartly as our cellphones hold sensitive data, monitor our position, and provide access to our personal accounts."

We need to use our cellphones safely and smartly as our cellphones hold sensitive data, monitor our position, and provide access to our personal accounts.

Here are some major points every user should keep in their mind:

Put a passcode on your phone

Most phones need a 4-digit passcode, but some will let you set up a more complex passcode, a pattern, or a biometric lock that uses your fingerprint or facial recognition.

If you can't put a passcode on your phone or if the abusive individual demands that you share your passcode, consider borrowing someone else's phone to search for safety information or call a helpline.

Turn off location sharing

Phones have GPS built-in that can identify your position, and certain phones and applications allow you to share that information.

You can modify your location sharing through your phone's settings, where you can pick which applications may access your location or turn it off entirely.

Some apps also allow you to modify your location sharing from inside the app's settings.

Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your phone

You can look up reliable programs online and discover them in app stores.

Many offer free versions, and the services can safeguard your smartphone from being infected by stalker ware and other dangerous programs.

Check your privacy & security settings

Most phones feature options that allow you to control your privacy and security.

These controls may be found in the phone's or app's settings.

Log out of apps and accounts

Consider signing out of accounts so that others can’t access them if they have access to your phone.

Some applications may not allow you to log out without uninstalling them from your phone.

It may be more difficult to access the account through the browser, but base your decision on your personal privacy and safety concerns.

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Cell phones signs/problems | Time for New Phone |

17th January 2022
"Your smartphone is most likely the most important piece of technology in your life."

Your smartphone is most likely the most important piece of technology in your life. The smartphone is clearly more than simply a phone.

Here are several warning signs that you should purchase a new phone:

The problem in upgrading to the latest operating system

If your gadget maker does not provide an upgrade to the most recent OS version, it's time to say goodbye.

Your hardware may be so old that it can no longer be maintained.


Your smartphone is extremely slow even after a full device reset. You're launching programs or touching buttons, and it appears like you're booting up Windows 95.

There will be plenty of time to have a cup of coffee. These are indicators that it is time to upgrade to a new phone.

Apple recently admitted that iPhones were being slowed down to conserve battery life, but if your gadget is still slow after changing the battery, it's time to consider upgrading.

Apps appear to crash

If bigger apps routinely crash on your smartphone but not on other people's devices, the issue may be with your device rather than the app.

On gadgets, there are two types of memory. One is for storage (for example, all of your photo files), while the other, known as RAM, is for actually running the operating system and your programs (e.g., when you browse your photos).

There are many allocations inside RAM, including a memory threshold for executing each specific app. This threshold might be quite low on low-end devices.

As a result, you may encounter more crashes than your friends who chose middle- or upper-tier devices with better RAM allocation.

Battery Problems

In any case, you're undoubtedly familiar with an overheated battery.

You may have even gone to a phone retailer and complained about the problem.

Most of the time, you'll just be informed that it's typical for cell phones.

But this might be the sign to change your battery or even upgrade your mobile phone.

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