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Tips to grow out long hair for men

11th February 2022
"Long hair can look great on many men, but it must be grown completely, styled correctly, and maintained once it has reached the desired length."

Long hair can look great on many men, but it must be grown completely, styled correctly, and maintained once it has reached the desired length.

So, if you're thinking about growing out your hair, here are some simple tips for people who want to grow out their hair long:

Understand How Long it takes for Hair to Grow

The first thing you must accept is that it will be a long and often awkward journey.

You're going to get a few new haircuts on the way.

You'll learn how to use new products and style your hair in various ways, only to replace them as it grows.

It's similar to losing or gaining a lot of weight: you don't fit in the clothes you used to, so you have to adjust for the change and grow accustomed to constant change.

Get Your Hair Cut Occasionally

Although it is not a good idea to cut your hair short while it is growing out, having it cut regularly can help to keep it looking its best while it is growing.

Visit your barber at least once every three to four months for a light trim (be sure to tell them you're growing your hair out) and to fix any areas that aren't looking their best.

Take Hair Care Seriously

Taking care of your hair is important regardless of how long it is, but it is especially important if it is very long.

Fortunately, good hair care is not difficult to achieve. Begin by washing your hair based on how oily it feels.

The more oily your hair and scalp are, the more frequently you should wash it.

If your scalp is dry, however, you may only need to wash your hair every few days or once a week.

Protect Your Hair from Damage

The longer your hair grows, the more critical it is to protect it from common sources of damage.

Excessive heat, such as using your hairdryer on the highest setting, sun, which can damage the outside of your hair and burn your scalp, and overly harsh hair styling products, which can irritate your skin and harm your hair by pulling on its roots, are examples of these.

Shampoo Less, Condition More

You don't need to shampoo your hair every day, whether it's short or long.

It dries and damages the hair while also signaling to the scalp to produce even more oil than is natural because you're constantly depleting its sebum supply.

You have to reduce the frequency with which you strip the hair of the oils that have slid down each strand.

Shampoo depletes the natural oil from your scalp, which keeps everything soft, healthy, and shiny.

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29th September 2020
"Make your first impression great by smelling wonderful!"

First impressions are indeed the last impression, and it can make all the difference in your personal appearance just using the finest smelling body spray. Although not as good as cologne, but better than aftershave or lotion or even talcum powder, the ideal balance is provided by long-lasting body spray.

Here we have compiled a list of five such body sprays for men to make your first impression the best!

FOGG Fragrance Body Spray Bleu 


The epitome of sensuality and elegance is the FOGG Fragrance Body Spray Bleu. It really smells amazing and can give a sensual first impression. No need to think about the sweaty scent with its long-lasting fragrance. For a long period of time, it will hold you smelling good. You probably should wear all of these during the day and get compliments. But be careful, they are extremely inflammable.

Price: Rs.440(Click here to shop now)


Denver Hamilton Deodorant Body Spray


Be a champion in any match & smell the same with instant odor destroying & soothing fragrance. This body spray deodorant is built to destroy the bad bacteria that have produced body odor so that after every game you smell new. Stay new with the best long-lasting male deodorant. The refreshing masculine scent keeps you feeling fresh all day and feel the rush of untamed power in this stunning body spray.

Price: Rs.350(Click here to shop now)


Men's Collection Intense Oud Perfumed Body Spray


This fragrance catches the wealth of notes from Oud Wood. It's a body spray that emphasizes inner power. This fragrance captures the richness of Oud Wood’s notes.

This is a scent that accentuates inner strength and its fragrance lasts long which perfectly fits the attitude and boldness.

Price: Rs. 480(Click here to shop now)


Park Avenue Body Spray Epic


Park Avenue Body Spray Epic gives you the instant pleasant feeling that lasts all day. With its intense long-lasting freshness, it gives you all the confidence you need. It also protects your skin with a fresh scent with long-lasting effective regulation of perspiration and a fresh feeling. Its skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Price: Rs. 320 (Click here to shop now)


Wild Stone Deodorant Body Spray


The perfect fragrance of pride and royalty is this citrus Fougere deodorant with a sweetheart of vetiver and ylang-ylang. For a person who wants to be on top at all times. 

The woody base notes blend with the citrus top notes, while a long-lasting and fragrant linger is produced by the floral heart notes.

Price: Rs. 345 (Click here to shop now)


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Compiled by : Upasana Poudel Upasana Poudel

Skincare myths you wish you knew it before

5th January 2022
"The fact is that a lot of skincare advice just doesn’t work, and some skincare myths can even cause harm."

Everyone wants a clear, radiant complexion. But getting there might depend more on your ability to recognize fact from fiction than how much you follow a cleansing regimen or how much you spend on products. The fact is that a lot of skincare advice just doesn’t work, and some skincare myths can even cause harm.

Let’s have a look behind common skincare myths you should stop believing:

Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated

There is no evidence that drinking more or less water is helpful or harmful to your skin.

While drinking more water can be beneficial for other health conditions, water does not automatically get absorbed by your skin when you drink it.

It hydrates our cells as it is absorbed by the bloodstream and filtered by the kidneys, which does help hydrate our bodies overall.

The best way to keep your skin hydrated is to avoid dry air (or use a humidifier), use a gentle cleanser, and use a moisturizer daily or ingredients that help keep moisture locked in your skin barrier, like hyaluronic acid

Not washing your face causes acne

Hygiene doesn't play a role in the development of acne.

Acne involves oil production, bacteria, clogged pores, and inflammation, with hormones and stress playing a significant role and diet for some people.

Not washing your face doesn't help your situation but it certainly doesn't cause acne.

You Don’t Need Sunscreen If It’s Not Sunny Outside

While we know that SPF isn’t only a necessity for long days hanging out in the sun, it turns out that broad-spectrum SPF is even necessary when the skies are gray.

You can get burned even on cloudy days. Spending time out in the suntans protection can lead to damage over time and can show up down the road as visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dark spots.

So yes, you need to wear sunscreen year-round no matter your skin tone.

You Don’t Need Moisturizer If You Have Oily Skin

No matter what your skin type—oily and acne-prone or dry and dehydrated—you need to be using some kind of moisturizer to keep your skin balanced and nourished.

The differences lie in the type and amount of moisturizer your skin needs.

While oily skin requires the least amount of moisture, a moisturizer is still vital for nourishing and hydrating the skin.

There’s No Such Thing as Over-Exfoliating

Yes, exfoliating does have its benefits, including helping to slough away dead skin cells—which could be responsible for your dull-looking complexion—that have built up on your skin’s surface over time.

But you can overdo it and irritate your skin. The answer to how many times a week you should exfoliate varies from person to person.

Some can handle daily exfoliation, while others may only need to do it once or twice a week.

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