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How to get rid of flies in your home

7th February 2022
"House flies are not only irritations when they buzz around the house, but they are also potential disease carriers."

The most common fly found in and around homes is the house fly. House flies are not only irritations when they buzz around the house, but they are also potential disease carriers.

There are many such safe and simple methods for getting rid of them:

Vinegar and dish soap

Flies can be trapped using a solution of vinegar and dish soap.

In a tall glass, combine about an inch of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. Wrap the glass in plastic wrap.

Poke small holes in the top of the plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band. Flies are drawn to the vinegar in the glass and will pass through the holes.

However, the dish soap causes the flies to sink rather than land on the vinegar.


This is a sticky strip of paper that you can easily hang from the ceiling or wherever the flies are most active.

When flies (or other winged insects) investigate, they become entangled in the paper.

The paper, on the other hand, contains no poisons, only fly lures and glue, so it can take up to 24 hours for flies to leave—making it biochemically safe for humans but repulsive.

Natural Oils Repellent

Essential oil sprays are another natural way to get rid of houseflies.

Natural oils such as lavender, peppermint, neem, and lemongrass can be used.

Fill a spray bottle with them after mixing them with rubbing alcohol or water.

Using these natural housefly repellents can keep those pesky creatures away while also creating a lovely aroma in your home.


Cloves are effective at repelling flies because flies dislike the subtle scent of cloves.

Please keep in mind that cloves are most effective against house flies, and while they can deter other fly species, they are not as effective against them.

Cloves' strong odor repels them, so they will not enter doorways, windows, or other openings if cloves are nearby.


The ginger spray is a natural and effective fly repellent that is simple to make and works like a charm.

The strong odor of ginger, like that of hot pepper and basil leaves, repels flies and keeps them away from your home.

In farms, a mixture of ginger and water is also used as an effective insect repellent.

Orange peel

Citrus fruit is repulsive to flies (like oranges and lemons). To keep flies away, place orange peels around window sills and doors.

Tie orange peels in a piece of cloth and hang them in fly-infested areas. One of the more effective home remedies for flies inside is this.

The oil derived from sweet orange peel contains 90 to 95 percent limonene, which is toxic to fleas, fire ants, and flies.

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Bad Household Habits to Stop Now

12th December 2021
"Home is the place we live throughout our life and in order to make our environment healthy, our home should be kept clean and healthy."

Home is the place we live throughout our life and in order to make our environment healthy, our home should be kept clean and healthy.

We all have bad habits and among them in this article, we will talk about different types of household habits that should be stopped right now:

Rinsing food down the sink

Washing away excess food down the sink before doing the dishes is an easy habit to get into but this is a really bad habit that can clog up your drain and cause blockages.

Instead, scrape any leftover food into the bin before washing the dishes – it might be more time-consuming, but it’s better than dealing with the sink filled with foods.

Leaving dishes to soak in the sink


We all have a habit of leaving dishes in the sink for a long time. Leaving dishes in there for too long can allow the bacteria to grow on those.

Bacteria that you will be consuming later on. So to avoid this you really need to stop this habit of leaving dishes in the sink for a long period of time.

Painting over rusty railings


Another habit we have is painting over the rust. If the railings in your garden or balcony are starting to rust, applying a fresh coat of paint directly over them won’t solve the problem.

This is because rust prevents new paint from taking hold, so you’ll need to scrape it off and start from scratch.

Not cleaning the TV remote


This one is all too easy to forget but when you think about the number of times your TV remote is touched every day, it makes sense to clean it every week or on alternative days.

All you need to do is remove the batteries, then use a cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean all over the remote. If there’s dirt wedged in the gaps around the buttons, use a toothpick to remove it.

Not wiping door handles

Door handles

When we clean our homes, we forget about the door handles. It is constantly used throughout the day and touched by every family member so it might carry harmful microbes.

It is obvious that diseases bacteria transfer from one person to another. You need to keep germs in check by remembering to disinfect your door handles at the end of every day.

Forgetting to clean stove knobs

This is the most neglected thing by us. We all need to keep in mind that the dials are regularly splattered with food and touched frequently between preparations.

So it is very necessary to give them a thorough clean. All you need to do is remove the knobs and wash them in hot soapy water.

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Make Changes to your house |During Lockdown|

16th January 2022
"You’re at home, or in quarantine, and need to make some changes in your home?"

You’re at home, or in quarantine, and need to make some changes in your home?

Here are a few tips to make changes in your home during Lockdown: 


Cleaning is not only productive, but it may also be soothing.

You know what they say: a clean kitchen means a clean mind!

Clear out your wardrobe

Dedicate your newfound time and attention to organizing your clothing, organizing your house, removing stuff you haven't worn in the last 12 months, and organizing garments into categories to make it simpler to explore in the mornings.

This is an excellent opportunity to get inspired by new looks or to rediscover an old favorite.

Organize your photos

Are you guilty of printing off your vacation photographs and storing them in a drawer?

Get nostalgic by arranging your photos in a scrapbook or frames.

A trip down memory lane may just bring a smile to your face.

Attend the garden

Your hectic schedule normally prevents you from getting things done in the garden, but you no longer have that excuse.

Tidying up your yard, repainting your fences, and any other garden projects that need to be done may be done over time when you feel like it and the weather is nice.

Upcycle your furniture

Can't take your eyes off that irritating chip in your mainboard? Do you need to freshen up your bookcases?

Why not try your hand at some DIY and turn those outdated pieces of furniture into something your friends will cherish?

All you need to do is make the old furniture look new by all the DIY projects.

Clear out your kitchen cupboards

Organize the contents of your kitchen cabinets.

Check the expiration dates on those tinned items in the back of the pantry, clean out that junk drawer you've been avoiding, or go the extra mile and color match your spice rack!

Purchase some customized labels or design your own with a label maker.

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