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5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools in Your Home

10th February 2022
"To help you with this difficult process, we've carefully selected 5 must-have products for"

Because there are hundreds of various kitchen equipment that may be considered important, the kitchen is one of the most difficult and overwhelming rooms to stock.

To help you with this difficult process, we've carefully selected 5 must-have products for the perfect kitchen list.

Knife Set

When it comes to knives, you could get away with just one huge chef knife, but you'll be glad you did if you splurged on a set.

One that comes in a knife block is even better because it can be stored on the counter, which is safer and saves drawer space.

Measuring Spoons

Unless you have quick fingers and can easily pinch up a perfect 14 teaspoon, you'll need a set of measuring spoons.

Find one with easy-to-read measurement labels and a clip-open ring for individual usage and simpler cleaning.

Can Opener

You'll probably need to open a can of something or other at some time, so keep a can opener in your utensil drawer as well.

We want one that does not cause hand pains and does not leave sharp edges at the top of the can. If you cook with store-bought canned soups, an electric can opener is more convenient to use.


A colander is one of those items that you don't think about until you really need it, like when you're trying to drain spaghetti by squeezing the cover to the top of your pot as hot noodle steam burns your corneas.

Mixing Bowls

Gather a set of two or three larger dishes for mixing materials. Look for a set that includes lids so that they may also be used as storage.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Basic rules of kitchen safety

7th December 2021
"While preparing food and making your favorite dish in the kitchen is enjoyable, it is important to follow basic kitchen safety rules."

While preparing food and making your favorite dish in the kitchen is enjoyable, it is important to follow basic kitchen safety rules.

To prevent harm to ourselves and those around us, we must pay attention to what we are doing, what is going on around us. So here are some basic rules for kitchen safety:

Keep Kids and Pets Out

Children and pets do not belong in the kitchen. Unless the kids are helping you or learning how to cook, keep them out of the area.

Not only can kids and pets be a distraction, but they can easily hurt themselves by getting into raw food, pulling hot pots down, and tripping you while you’re carrying something heavy.

Wear Shoes and Safe Clothing

Make sure you are wearing safe clothes too. Sleeves should not be long and flowy.

Do not wear loose clothing or anything flammable, and avoid synthetic clothing, which can melt onto your skin if it catches on fire.

Always Use Hot Pads

Keep a good selection of hot pads and oven mitts on hand. Always use them for any bowl, pot, or pan that has been in an appliance.

It’s especially important to use these items on bowls you are pulling out of the microwave oven. Even microwave-safe bowls can get quite hot, and it’s easy to burn yourself.

Have a fire extinguisher

The leading cause of fires and injuries in the household occurs when cooking.

Knowing how to use your fire extinguisher in case of an emergency is paramount, as there won’t be time to start reading instructions when a fire has broken out.

It takes only seconds for a fire to get uncontrollable. Learn about different types of fires such as grease and electric fires. Never put them out with water.

Keep a First Aid Kit

A kitchen is usually a very active area of limited with people working in a much-focused manner at high speed.

So a kitchen could have injuries of varying degrees, including slips and falls, cuts and bruises, dismemberment, burns, and even heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

So having a first aid kit in the kitchen is most important.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Kitchen organization ideas

27th December 2021
"No matter what size your kitchen is, staying organized can be challenging"

No matter what size your kitchen is, staying organized can be challenging. Whether you're navigating tiny cabinets, narrow drawers, or an overall lack of storage space, there's a lot to contend with when you're trying to keep your kitchen tidy.

To tackle a few of your trouble spots, here are some of the tips to keep your kitchen organized:

Keep Most Used Items Within Reach

When it’s time to cook vegetables or stir the soup, make sure your knives and wooden spoon are handy.

Store cooking utensils next to the stove, either on hangers or in a decorative clay pot.

Store your most frequently used items on the bottom shelf of your kitchen organizer cabinets that are closest to you.

Spice Compartment

Keeping spices in a cupboard can be inefficient and difficult to reach out to every time you cook.

As spices are used frequently, it would help build custom kitchen cabinets that are within reach.

To enhance its utility, you can get it to easily reach out to different spices you might need.

This will save on space and look elegant as well. It will also prevent the spilling of spices onto the counter if they’re neatly tucked away.

Keep it Clear

Store dry goods and flours in clear glass jars with labels, so you can easily see what you are looking for.

Utilize spice racks for spice jars so they are easily accessible. Maintain spacing in between items on open shelving space to prevent clutter.

Also choosing quality equipment for these storing ideas is a healthy and wise step to take.

This way it will be handy for you and as well as it will keep your kitchen organized.

Prioritize Access

Pulling out shelves in cabinets makes finding and accessing kitchen tools and appliances easier.

Keep heavy appliances, like food processors and frying pans, on the bottom shelf so you aren't reaching above your head for those heavy items.

Use organization tools like drawer organizers or dividers for cooking utensils and cutting board organizers or filing cabinets to store sheet pans and tableware.

Make Use of Every Inch of Space

Rearrange your storage space for the kitchen; try exposed shelving.

Free up cabinet space and make pots and pans accessible by hanging them overhead.

Using a pot rack with an integrated light fixture will add extra lighting to your workspace as well.

Free up counter space by hanging cooking utensils, potholders and coffee mugs on hooks under-cabinet space or use a magnetic strip for metal utensils and knives.

Under-Sink Drawer

Most kitchens come equipped with a cupboard under the sink but you could opt-in for a drawer instead.

This will help pull out paper towels, dish soaps, and other accessories without getting obstructed by the sink pipes.

The drawer can further have compartments to help store gloves, detergent, towels, etc. in a more organized fashion.

This will save time and effort making you an efficiency-pro in the kitchen.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal