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Tips to Prevent the Side Effects of Makeup

21st December 2021
"It can be understood that people really love makeup but do you know makeup contains a lot of chemicals and components which may or may not suit your skin?"

Many girls out there have made a habit of doing a makeup on regular basis.

It can be understood that some people really love makeup but do you know makeup contains a lot of chemicals and components which may or may not suit your particular skin type.

So here are some tips to prevent your skin from the side effects of makeup:

Buy The Right Product:

You cannot use a product just because someone else is using it. You should always know your skin type before buying any kind of product.

Moreover, always buy products that suit your skin and do not cause any allergic reaction.

Always make sure to check the label of the product to know if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

If you are unsure, do a patch test using a tester product.


You should never ignore the importance of a moisturizer.

Moisturizing will help you maintain the protective barrier on your skin.

This can save you from skin issues like dryness, redness, and even flaky skin.


Sunscreen is one of the most important things that protect your skin from external damages.

Sun damage causes early aging of your skin. Thus it is important to apply sunscreen before you apply any makeup product.

If you are not comfortable with sunscreen, use a moisturizer and foundation that provides sun protection to prevent your skin from the different side effects of makeup.

Remove Makeup Before Bed

It is mandatory to wash off your makeup before you go to bed to protect your skin from the side effects of makeup.

Clean or wash your face with a cleanser that is designed for your skin type.

Also, one should not use hand soap or hard face wash to remove the makeup as it leads to dryness and causes even more problems to your skin.

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Makeup Dos and Don'ts

10th December 2021
"Makeup mainly is used to change or enhance the way we look."

Makeup mainly is used to change or enhance the way we look. Also, many women use makeup to feel more confident and also to hide their imperfections. Moreover, makeup is used to prettify or add color to your face.

We know makeup has been one of the most important works in a women’s daily life so today we are here to help with dos and don’ts in makeup:


Clean face

Always apply makeup to a clean, grease-free face. If your skin is not clean, then the surface is not smooth for the make-up to sit on and will look dull.

Wash sponges

Wash makeup sponges so that they become clear of the foundation. Not washing sponges creates a home for bacteria which can lead to skin breakouts.

After regular washing of the sponges, leave them to air dry.

Clean your Brushes

It is important to keep your beauty tools as clean as possible, preferably cleaning them once a week.

As your brushes come in contact with your face and then get put into cosmetic bags or other makeup storage, they become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Using brushes that haven’t been cleaned in a long while may result in clogged-up pores, infections, or even more defined wrinkles.

Set Your Foundation with Powder

After putting on foundation, simply dust over a powder that has a feather-light formula.

Doing so will help set the foundation, weather-proofing your look and making it easier to proceed to contour or apply blusher.


Skip the Moisturizer

This should not be done at all. Not at all! Don’t be tempted to skip the morning moisturizer.

If you don’t use a moisturizer designed specifically for oily skin, the unwanted shine will appear faster and your makeup won’t be as long-lasting.

Also, if you apply foundation straight to dry skin, it can start to flake resulting in an uneven tone with even the tiniest flaw underlined.

Skip Washing Makeup off Before You Sleep

Not washing your makeup off before you sleep is likely to result in breakouts or even rashes if you have sensitive skin because of the irritants and chemicals within the cosmetics.

If you do it consistently, it will contribute to the premature aging of your skin and lead you to develop more wrinkles.

Don’t Apply Makeup to a Dirty Face

Applying makeup to a dirty face is asking for serious skin problems later in life.

In fact, breakouts and acne may not hold off until much later. Never apply cosmetics on top of other cosmetics that have been sitting on your face for hours. The one exception to this rule is lipstick.

You can reapply lipstick or gloss. However, when it comes to applying foundations or powders, be sure to clean off what you’re currently wearing first and give your pores a chance to breathe.

Don’t Create Fake Brows

While you shouldn’t skip your brows, you definitely don’t want to draw on dramatic fake brows.

Huge, drawn-on brows come across like furry caterpillars. It’s never a good look. Instead, work with the eyebrows that you have and just focus on making them a little more defined, especially if you’re wearing foundation.

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Makeup Removal Tips to Keep your Skin Healthy

15th December 2021
"Makeup has been a part of our life. We seem to do makeup every single day, but do you remove it before going to the bed?"

Makeup has been a part of our life. We seem to do makeup every single day, but do you remove it before going to the bed?

Makeup has different kinds of side effects on our skin so it is very necessary to remove it before going to bed.

In this article, we will be talking about some basic makeup removal tips:

Soap and water

Many of us make the mistake of just using wipes and going to bed, but the makeup really is not all off—you still have to wash your face.

Using water and face wash is what's really going to remove residue and prep your skin for a good night regimen.

If you use only wipes and then apply moisturizer, you might push dirt into your pores and wake up with pimples or blackheads.

Follow up with moisture

Even if you don't have dry skin, makeup removal should always be followed up with at least some targeted moisture.

Moreover, removing makeup can dry out the eye area, which is the most sensitive skin on your face. So, dab on eye cream.

No matter which makeup and cleansing options you fancy, it’s important to apply moisturizer afterward.

Don’t bother to dry off before completing this step since applying moisturizer directly to damp skin can help lock in more hydration.

Don't miss your hairline

Don’t forget to remove your makeup from the hair area, too! You may get your roots a little wet, but it is well worth it to be completely clean.

If you did a solid job applying your foundation, it should go all the way to your hairline.

People often accumulate makeup residue around their hairline, which leads to clogged pores and breakouts.

Lip color

You should never skip using makeup remover on your lips.

It is best to use water to remove your lipstick rather than remover as it might contain various chemicals which are not safe for lips and mouth at all.

Use Toner after cleansing 

Toner can be used as an extra cleansing step after using your rinse-off facial cleanser.

It only takes a minute, and it may help sweep away the remains of stubborn makeup.

Saturate a cotton pad with a few drops and gently wipe it across your skin before applying a moisturizer.

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