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Tips to adjust your car mirror properly

18th January 2022
"Correctly adjusting side mirrors is something that every driver should do, every time they drive."

Correctly adjusting side mirrors is something that every driver should do, every time they drive. Taking the time to correctly align your mirrors is always worthwhile, whether you're driving your everyday commute or carrying a friend in their vehicle.

Here's how to properly adjust your car mirrors:

Get Comfortable

Adjust your seat so that you can view the road while still being able to reach all of the vehicle's controls.

This will affect what you see when you look in the mirror.

Position your seat such that your feet are lightly resting on the pedals and you can see across the front of the automobile comfortably.

If your seats aren't changeable and you're still sitting too low, a seat cushion or, better yet, having your mechanic raise your seat permanently is a good option.

Interior Rearview Mirror

The inner rearview mirror should be positioned such that you can see out the back window from the driver's seat.

During daytime operation, make sure the day/night switch on most rearview mirrors is in the day position.

The night mode lowers the glare from headlights behind you, allowing you to see more clearly.

This mirror is designed to provide you with a clear view of the road in front of you.

Adjust it so that you can see the full-back window without moving your head from the driver's seat.

Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

If you drive at night, you've probably seen it — the unpleasant and sometimes deadly glare from the headlights of vehicles approaching from behind.

While regular rearview mirrors have a day-night switch, automatic dimming mirrors dim to lessen glare from approaching vehicles' headlights.

The darker the mirrors get when the glare is brighter, making nighttime driving safer.

Auto-dimming mirrors are usually not available independently and are only included in pricey luxury group packages.

Exterior Rearview Mirrors

Most individuals adjust their side-view mirrors or mirrors so that they can see the car's side from the inside edge of the mirror.

Simply adjust the side view mirrors to the point where you can see the car's side on the inside edge of the mirror.

You can eliminate the blind spot problem with this configuration.

For the driver's side mirror, follow these instructions: Place your head against the glass, then adjust the mirror until you can see the side of your vehicle.

Lean-to the right in the driver's seat so that your head is in the car's centerline for the passenger's side mirror. Adjust the mirror till the vehicle's side is visible.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Tips For First Time Car Buyers | New Or Used

22nd August 2020
"Buy the car you want, Drive the road you want"

Big congratulations as a first-timer on buying your new car because after having stable roof to live under you are going for your own car. There are many questions one must have while thinking of buying their first car because it is a special one and you don’t want to mess it. There are many factors you have to look upon to make a final decision such as your budget, preference in size, design, brand, performance, depreciation value, maintenance and many more. So to give a little insight into helping you to decide whether to buy a brand new car or a well valued second-hand car here are some key points to consider.




It is the most important point to consider because being a first timer in buying car we know the budget is limited and we have to look after the expenses like fuel, maintenance, tax, insurance, instalments and many more that come with the car in future. So if you are a learner in driving a car and you want to own a car it is better you go for a used car because you won’t be able to fully utilize the car for what you have paid. It will take time for you to be a smooth driver and go for a long confident drive so buying a brand new car will be a full-on waste of your money and the car itself because you may cause damage to the car in the learning process which will depreciate the value of car faster than it should have been. The best way to save money is to buy used. A new car loses almost half its value in the first five years, so go for one that’s a few years old yet still has contemporary safety features and many useful years ahead of it. Buying used also means a nicer car in your budget.


Set the priority first


Before buying cars we have already determined on our affordability then the second thing is setting your priority what are the actual things you want in your car. For that list out the cars that you like and list out the features, you want in your first dream car. You should always resist buying a sporty or luxury car as a first timer with a limited budget so looking for a high-horsepower car or one with the latest high-tech features isn’t practical at the moment.  To reduce the risk of buying a car with never-ending problems, identify models with a good reliability record. Check Reviews Nepal for insights that can point you to cars that hold up well over time where you can compare all the features of the car.


Inspection and Test drive


After you have decided on the decision of going for new or used car with the brand and model of the car which suits you as a first-time buyer, you should go online to read reviews of cars. Pay most attention to areas you’re most concerned about (fuel consumption rate, reliability, maintenance service) and compare the writer’s perspective with your preferences. For instance, complaints about seat comfort or ride quality can be checked out during your test drive. Your opinions might be different.

New cars are presumed to be a matter of prestige. On the other hand, each used car has led a unique life. Some may have been pampered, others abused. The best-used cars tend to be owned by a trusted friend or family member who can share details of the car's history. When looking for a used vehicle, make sure there's a car-savvy advisor you know. Carefully look the car over inside and out, top to bottom. New or used, always inspect it during daylight hours, when you can spot paint flaws that might indicate repairs or other troubles. For any used car, it's important to have it inspected by the company’s authorized workshop or any trusted certified professional mechanic. They will charge for the service, but it can be money well-spent considering how much more it might save you in the long run.

To buy a pre-owned car one can directly visit a different company authorized dealers like Ford Assured, Sipradi Assured. Guided by experts and assured on quality, Ford assured is a nuisance-free platform that allows customers to Buy, sell, exchange pre-owned vehicles in a convenient manner. This company authorized dealer assures the quality is met and customers are also provided with a warranty on pre-owned cars. Like Ford Assured, Sipradi Assured also deals with the pre-owned cars, with assured choice, price, quality and warranty on used cars. One can easily contact these assured dealers for a fair value of pre-owned cars.

At the end, it is your decision what you want


Looking after all the key points like budget, performance, preference, brands, models, reviews and all the advice, you are the one who is going to ride the car. If you are a good driver and can handle the car well you can go for a brand new car because you can fully utilize the car before it hits the big share of depreciation within 4-5 years but if you are buying car for the first time as an armature driver, a used car will be a better option for all the hit and trial you will go through 3-4 years of your improving driving skills. And you will get a fair value of resale of the used car than the resale value of the brand new car.


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Compiled by : Swekshya Rajbhandari Swekshya Rajbhandari

Ways To Clean Your Car wheels | Tips |

18th January 2022
"Dirty wheels also detract from the looks of your vehicle."

Dirty wheels also detract from the looks of your vehicle. All of that dirt and filth is sprayed onto the body of your car as they rotate.

As a result, it is critical that you thoroughly clean your wheels.

Here are a few tips:

Prepare Your Supplies

The first step in cleaning wheels is to gather the necessary supplies.

While each wheel design and material is distinct, there are certain common cleaning products that may be used on all types.

When you use the same wash bucket, microfiber wash mitt, or detailing brushes to wash your wheels and other elements of the car, you greatly increase the risk of damaging delicate areas such as paint, chrome, and more.

Pressure washer to remove any loose dirt

A pressure washer is an excellent approach to remove the majority of the dirt from your wheels.

Alternatively, a brush and a moist sponge can provide excellent results.

While you're doing it, you should also use the pressure washer to clean the remainder of the car.

Cleaning product as directed

The cleaner will thoroughly clean the wheel, going into all of the little spaces and penetrating the grime.

They can accomplish this without harming the lacquer or paint, saving you money on future repairs.

When using any wheel-spray cleaning chemical, it is critical to follow the EXACT directions.

Some formulas are as simple as a spray, let rest, and rinse – while others need a movement with a wheel cleaning brush.

Leave for the designated amount of time

Wheel cleaners are spray-on and left for a few minutes before washing.

The finest cleaners also change color to show you how much dirt is being removed, and the substances they employ ensure that they won't damage your tires and can easily be flushed down the drain once completed.

Rinse Completely and Wash the Vehicle Completely

After you've completed the following procedures, rinse the wheels on the exterior, inside, and in the wheel well.

It's conceivable that soap or dirt was splashed onto suspension or brake parts, or possibly the paint on the body, during this process.

When your wheels are clean, wash the rest of your vehicle using separate supplies.

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