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Cleaning mistake you're making at home

21st January 2022
"Most of us simply want to get our housework done as quickly as possible while getting the best outcomes for our efforts."

Most of us simply want to get our housework done as quickly as possible while getting the best outcomes for our efforts.

Here are the top five cleaning mistakes you're undoubtedly making to help you get more organized:

Using a Dirty Cloth

You might as well not bother cleaning if you're working with dirty materials.

Soiled rags or sponges aren't going to help you because they only spread grease and grime about instead of removing it. It's not only unpleasant, but it's also dangerous.

From the start, make sure you're using a clean cloth. Additionally, if you're working on large-scale housekeeping jobs like cleaning the freezer or light fixtures, rinse sponges or freshen cloths as needed.

Not cleaning the vacuum

When a vacuum filter isn't replaced or cleaned for a long time, not only will the vacuum be unable to suck up as much dirt and dust as it should owing to reduced suction, but dirt will also be thrown back into the air and carpet by the dirty vent.

When vacuum bags or containers grow full, change or empty them right away.

Wipe the vacuum attachments, hose, and vent with a damp microfibre cleaning cloth or a moist paper towel, making that the vacuum is turned off first.

Putting a rinsed toilet brush right back in the holder

When a toilet brush is immediately returned to its holder after use, moisture and germs from the toilet become trapped in the container and the brush, where they breed and spread.

When you use the brush again, the germs are rubbed back into your toilet.

Allow the toilet brush to dry completely before replacing it in its holder after scrubbing.

Skipping the Sink

Sinks grow germs and bacteria quickly because they are a damp environment in which food particles tend to stick.

When food or standing water is left in the sink, drain, or garbage disposal, the problem becomes even worse. After each use, wipe down the sink.

Being Poorly Organized

One of the most common cleaning mistakes is a lack of organization.

Keep cleaning products in a specified place so you don't have to hurriedly search the house for them.

To begin, figure out where and how to put your cleaners and supplies. Keep them in or near the room where you'll be utilizing them if at all possible.

Furthermore, you can always make a cleaning caddy to house your most often used cleaning items, such as microfiber cloths, a vinegar spray bottle, dishwashing detergent, an old toothbrush, and so on.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Confused What to Buy this Winter? | List of Winter Household Products|

30th November 2021
"Winter is here! Did you get the household products that you really need for this winter as it's getting cold and freezy?"

Winter is here! Did you get the household products that you really need for this winter as it's getting cold and freezy?

Today in this article, we will be talking about the winter household products every house should own: 

An Electric Water Heater

Bring an electric water heater to your home this winter for your coffee, tea, or soup.


An electric kettle is one of the most important kitchen appliances one can have in their home. It makes it easier to prepare a tea or coffee quickly and also prepare hot water quickly as soon as you want.

Electric Bed Heater

If you want to stay toasty warm as the nights get colder, then look no further than an electric blanket. Just take a second to imagine sleeping on the slightly heated surface in chilling winter. Sounds great right?

Electric bed heater

Electric Bed heater will keep your bed warm this winter!

Gas and Electric Geyser

In this season, bathing and washing utensils are some of the most difficult tasks. So to make your tasks easy bring gas or electric geyser to your home.


One of the major reasons to have geysers in your home is that they are able to provide hot water within seconds.


As we prepare ourselves by stuffing our wardrobe with woolen clothes and taking out the huge warm blankets this winter, it is essential to keep our home and our surroundings warm as well. All you need to do is get a heater.


Also, they're environmentally friendly.

Moreover, Portable heaters allow you to heat only the areas that you need to keep warm, so you use less energy overall.

The Perfect Pair of Fuzzy Slippers

Nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling the frigid floor hit the soles of your poor bare feet. That's why you need these warm (and washable) slippers.

Warm slippers

With the softness of fur slippers, they are the perfect solution for cold feet.

A Stainless Steel Soup Thermos


The insulated stainless steel thermos will keep your drink warm basically all day long. Don't hesitate to get one for this winter!

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Tips to clean hard-to-reach places around the house

20th January 2022
"It can feel like a never-ending effort to keep hard-to-reach places clean and dust-free."

It can feel like a never-ending effort to keep hard-to-reach places clean and dust-free. Whether you're cleaning or simply trying to keep things tidy, it's frequently the little things that prove the most difficult.

So, here are some tips to clean hard-to-reach places around your house:

Ceiling fans and light fixtures

To reach those high ceiling fans and light fixtures, it's not a good idea to stand or sit on someone's shoulders.

It is not as tough as it appears to clean ceiling fans. Clean the blades of the fan and the light fixtures with a microfiber cloth attached to a mop handle or broom handle.

A disposable duster with an extendable handle can also be used.

Make sure the duster you buy is composed of a material that clings to dust and debris rather than scattering it.

Cabinet Tops and Tall Furniture

If the cabinets are mounted on the wall, you may not be able to see their tops very often.

Such spaces collect a lot of dust if they aren't cleaned regularly.

Wipe off the cabinet tops with a disposable duster with an extendable handle regularly.

You can also use a cleaning cloth, cleaning solution, and a stool to reach the cabinet top in this region.

Window Blinds and Curtains

We don't pay much attention to our blinds and curtains.

Blind slats may appear difficult to clean, but they are dust magnets that must be dealt with regularly.

Wrap a damp microfibre towel around a pair of kitchen tongs or a similarly shaped utensil.

Slide the tong along each slat, ensuring that all dust is removed. After that, wash the microfiber cloth.

Behind the toilet

This is one of the dirtiest tasks yet, especially if the dirt is allowed to accumulate over an extended period.

This area is difficult to reach, and your mop will not fit.

Prepare yourself with gloves, knee pads, a sponge, a cleaning cloth, and a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean this area.

Using the sponge, scrape the area with the cleaning solution. Rinse the area with clean water and a clean sponge. Wipe with the dry cleaning cloth to finish.

Ceilings and Moldings

Take a look above; you might be shocked to find how much dust and spider webs have gathered along with your ceiling and crown moldings.

To remove the filth, use a long-handled duster, a clean and dry sponge mop, or a broom.

When cleaning a room, do this first so you can vacuum up any falling dirt.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal