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Does using a power bank damage your phone?

23rd January 2022
"While it is extremely rare for a power bank to damage a phone's battery, it can happen in some cases."

While it is extremely rare for a power bank to damage a phone's battery, it can happen in some cases.

Here are some examples of how you might be damaging your phone's battery by using a power bank:

You Are Using a Bad Quality Power Bank

When it comes to power banks, quality is very important.

A low-quality power bank can harm your phone's battery as well as its charging port.

Avoid purchasing low-cost, no-name, knock-off power banks, even if they appear to be a good deal at first glance.

As in many other fields, if something appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is. These low-cost power banks frequently exaggerate their capacity.

Your Power Bank Has the Wrong Voltage

Having the wrong voltage in your power bank will cause issues.

The average output voltage required by most mobile phones is around 5V.

If you use a lower voltage, it may quickly drain your battery instead of keeping it full.

If you use a voltage greater than 5, you risk severely damaging your battery by overloading it.

You are Overcharging

Power banks should be used with caution.

Using power banks to constantly keep your phone at 100 percent charge will damage the battery over time, resulting in your phone being unable to retain its charge for an extended period.

To avoid these issues, avoid overcharging your phone with a power bank. Use it only in an emergency, and even then, avoid charging your phone completely.

Avoid using damaged power banks

If you have dropped the power bank and notice obvious signs of damage such as dents, bloating, smoke, any type of odor, etc.

It is best not to use that power bank to charge your phone or any other device.

If one of these is cracked or damaged, the battery bank may overcharge or over-discharge, both of which are dangerous.

If you can't afford to throw it away, I'd open it up and look over the circuit boards and cell connections.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Second-Hand Mobile

22nd November 2021
"There’s always a risk of being cheated while buying second-hand gadgets. Are you looking for one?"

There’s always a risk of being cheated while buying second-hand gadgets. Are you looking for one? If searched properly, you can find excellent deals on second-hand mobile in the market. 

Moreover, it’s usually best to get a phone in good condition so here are a few tips that might help you:

Check for the original papers and stay away from stolen mobile:

The first thing you need to check is the box, the original invoice, and the age of the device. Confirm whether all the box contents are available and always negotiate for the missing or non-original accessories.

After all, why get into trouble with the authorities at a later stage for spending your money on a device that has been reported as lost or stolen or for buying a second-hand phone that may have been misused in the past for execution of unlawful activities?

Phone bills

Also, Verify the phone has an active warranty- it’s always better to buy phones still under warranty to be on the safer side. You can verify the phone’s warranty period using IMEI on the manufacturer’s website.

Visual Inspection:

Always do a physical inspection of the device. I prefer testing the phone under bright daylight, so the damages or defects are easily visible.

If the phone comes with a removable battery, then turn the device off and remove the back flap to take out the battery for quick scrutiny of its visible bulges and obvious signs of damage.

Visual inspecton

Look for scratches, dents, or cracks on the body, display, and, more importantly, on the camera lens. Small scratches on the camera lens can significantly deteriorate picture quality, especially in low light conditions. Also, check the power and volume buttons.

Display analysis:

The next important thing to check while buying a used second-hand smartphone is the display. The display is indeed one of the most expensive components of the device. Ensure the entire screen responds properly to touch, and there are no dead spots or dead pixels.

Phone Display

Moreover, always carefully inspect the overall panel quality to confirm that it’s genuine. One can tell if the panel was replaced with a non-OEM one by checking the brightness levels, screen quality, and if there are any glue or pry marks on the sides.

Test the Ports, SIM Card, and Accessories:

Finally, test the charging cable included with the phone. Pull out your power bank, plug in the phone via cable, and see if it’s charging fine. Also, insert a SIM card- check if the phone can make a call. Similarly, test the micro SD card port (if available) and other accessories supported by the phone like earphones.

Charging port

In a nutshell, besides the tips given above, don’t forget to check online reviews before buying any second-hand smartphone.

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Mobile phone safety tips for children

17th January 2022
"Mobile phones provide security and contact for your child but it is important to teach your child about phone safety."

Mobile phones provide security and contact for your child but it is important to teach your child about phone safety. But giving your child a mobile phone isn't without its risks.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can safeguard your children, and monitor their mobile use:

Teach Responsibility

Make sure your child understands a cell phone is not a toy. Explain the fees associated with text messages, data use, games, apps, and sharing photos.

It's a good opportunity to learn a lesson about budgeting. If his phone has extra features, set limits.

Know what cyberbullying looks like

Unfortunately, cyberbullying remains a substantial problem.

Your child should know what constitutes cyberbullying and what the consequences are, both for the perpetrator and the victim.

Teach your child against engaging in bullying behavior on their phone, and make sure they know that they should come straight to you if they observe cyberbullying, whether they are the victim or someone else is.

Don't share private information

It's amazing how easily content and information can be shared and spread using cell phones.

To prevent your child from falling victim to this phenomenon, teach them not to send personal information using their phone or to use their device to post it on social media if their phone is Internet-capable.

Your child should also not share their cell phone number with those they don't know well.

Your child should know not to say or share anything inappropriate using their phone, especially anything rude or sexual in nature.

Keep it safe

Your child should know not only how to keep themself safe, but how to keep their phone safe.

After all, their phones are useless to help them stay safe if they are broken or stolen.

Give your child a protective case for their phone to prevent damage, and instruct them only to use their phone discreetly and only to have it out when they are using it so that it is less likely to be lost or stolen.

Follow the rules

Be sure that your rules and expectations for cell phone use are clear to your child.

This way, they will know exactly what they are supposed to do to stay safe and can be held accountable if they fail to take those steps.

Consider establishing punishments for failing to follow the rules, such as taking your child's phone for a few days.

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