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Why gadgets are important in our daily life?

20th January 2022
"It's nearly impossible to live a life without the help of technology."

It's nearly impossible to live a life without the help of technology. Without a smartphone, music player, flat-screen television, cooling, cooking, and cleaning technologies, humans cannot operate at their best from dawn to night.

Let's take a look at the phenomenal role that devices play in everyday routines and specific tasks:

Helps You in Multitasking

It is the age of carrying multiple hats to demonstrate one's diverse abilities. Multi-purpose devices work similarly.

They are useful in a variety of applications because they perform more than one utilitarian function.

In a single gadget, you get several functions. It saves space and eliminates the possibility of having many devices on your worktable, luggage, or other travel equipment.

Enhances Happiness and Sharing

Nobody likes to stay disconnected from their family and friends.

Smartphones, iPads, and Wi-Fi devices all let you stay connected to your social network.

Any time, any day, share music, a video, or an important document with your network of friends and coworkers.

Video conferencing and webcams bridge the distance between companies and employees, removing roadblocks to decision-making, especially in the post-pandemic age.

In terms of information sharing and care, digital communication has become the new standard.

Boost self-confidence

Students in colleges and high schools can now pay for online resources to plan their study schedules, shape their learning programs, and get further knowledge on a topic.

They can check up information on a website with a single click. They can classify diverse learning tools and identify their learning.

Because the benefits of electronic devices are evident and numerous to many instructors and students, they have become an integral part of education.

Increase Efficiency

Delivering personal and official messages required several person-days before the invention of the telephone, fax, and internet.

This drained productivity and efficiency, making everything appear hesitant and uncertain.

Technical devices and instruments are enhancing human productivity and making the globe a better place in terms of reach and connectedness with the help of internet technology and modern software.

Encourages Start-Up Innovation

Technology isn't static; it evolves daily. It stimulates your mind to consider new business possibilities.

In the past, starting a firm on your own needed funds, resources, and business knowledge.

With today's technology, starting a business from home with low funds is simple.

More and more businesses are allowing creatives to sell their work online, whether it's art, fashion, photography, gourmet cuisine, or other specialized items.

This also helps creative teams in obtaining financing via funding.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Which Gadget is Best Suitable for Online Education? Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop?

27th August 2020
"Smartphone, tablet or laptop ? Which one will you prefer for online learning?"

As the world is affected by the novel Coronavirus Pandemic, the teaching-learning process has shifted to online or digital approach. From elementary-level to university-level, all the classes are being conducted online throughout the world. Consequently, parents are concerned about the gadgets that could help their kids in digital learning.

People, generally, use a Smartphone, tablet or laptop for online education. Considering different factors like availability, health aspects, budget, screen, class-time, etc. the suitability of a gadget for online education differs from person to person and their age-group. 

Here, we present you the device or gadget that could be efficient and suitable for you or your kids.


The gadget possessed by a lot of people i.e. Smartphone is handy, portable and easy to use. It is best suitable for short classes with possibly less or no slide shows or whiteboards because the screen is too small to read the content and can strain your eyes. Being handy, children can easily use it and surf the net for homework as well. The battery part may also be another disadvantage if you have longer classes. And, I personally feel that it’s difficult to do and submit homework and assignments in a Smartphone. But, if you have a limited budget, go with smartphones because something is better than nothing.



Tablet, with a relatively large screen, is the best device for children. It won't strain the eyes as one can easily read the contents in a slide show or whiteboards. As it is easy to use, the children can join the classes on-their-own and can also surf the internet for their homework conveniently. There are several budget-friendly tablets as well which don’t lack much in functions and features. The battery aspect differs with the brand but will not cause many problems. Tablets are suitable for higher class students with a limited budget as well.



Laptop, in my opinion, is the best gadget for online education. From attending classes to completing assignments and projects easily, it is the best device for students (from mid-school and above) and teachers. Varieties of functions, larger screen size and longer battery life are the major advantages of using a laptop for online education. However, the budget aspect can be a disadvantage as most of the good laptops are above $400 or Nrs. 40,000.


Online education, superficially, seems to be a great substitute for traditional education approach and also a step closer towards a digital world. But, it has its own consequences as well; Increase in screen-time leads to an increase in health risk as well. So, it’s better if you try to reduce the screen-time as much as possible.


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Compiled by : Prativa Parajuli Prativa Parajuli

Mobile Photography For Beginners | Tips and Tricks |

19th January 2022
"Often, the best camera is the one you have with you in your hand."

Often, the best camera is the one you have with you in your hand. Your phone is with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so why not utilize it to not only capture your daily life but also develop your photographic skills?

Here are some tricks and tips to improve your mobile photography:

Clean lens

Always do yourself a favor and get in the habit of immediately cleaning your phone's camera lens before snapping a picture.

It makes a huge difference in the image quality.

Set focus

Your phone camera, like a real camera, is a smart piece of technology. It is frequently too intelligent for your own benefit! When you point your phone's camera towards anything, it usually makes an informed guess as to what you want to capture.

It will choose faces if it recognizes them. Simply tap on the phone screen and select your focus point to manually switch between subjects.

Don’t use flash

Your phone camera has a flash, and it's terrible! There is absolutely no way to try and hide this.

The flash on your phone camera is not the most flattering for images, and there is no reason to use flash if you utilize natural light, also known as daylight or sunshine (shoot photos during the day).

Simply press the flash button to turn it off and experiment with natural light (sunlight or ambient light).

Try not to zoom

Make an effort not to zoom. Despite what phone companies would have you believe, the phone camera's digital zoom is not extremely strong.

When you utilize digital zoom, you put a lot of noise and distortion into the frame.

Instead of utilizing digital zoom, consider moving your feet to get closer to the subject.

Manually set exposure

On your phone camera, you can manually change the exposure (also known as the brightness of the shot). This allows you to determine how dark or bright the shot will be when you hit the shutter.

Simply press on the screen and when you see the sunburst or sunshine sign, use your finger to swipe up or down to modify or minimize the exposure.

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